When Do PDE5 Inhibitor Drugs Become Useful?

Perhaps you doctor has been prescribing you with a PDE5 inhibitor drug that is why you have landed into this page. A PDE5 inhibitor drug is basically a medication intended to treat men having erection problems. Out there in the market you may find a lot of PDE5 inhibitor drugs with different brand names. However there are only about 4 popular generic drugs that work to treat this sexual disorder in men and they are Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Sildenafil, and the latest one which is Avanafil. But the question you might want to be answered is this – when do PDE5 inhibitor drugs prescribed? This article may provide you a short answer for this.

Normally when a man feels sexually stimulated, his body begins to release chemicals known as the nitric oxide. It might sound a bit of a jargon especially if you are not into medicine or quite familiar with medical words but you should understand the importance of this chemical and its major role in enabling normal erections of the male organ. As soon as nitric oxide is released into the blood streams, certain enzymes are triggered to produce cGMP which allows the normal expansion and contraction of the blood vessels. In order to erect normally, the penis has to be filled with sufficient blood. What the cGMP can do is to expand the blood vessels that carry the blood towards the penile region, and contract the blood vessels that carry the blood away from the penis. With this chain of reactions, the penis is able to get sufficient blood supply and is able to erect normally, as long as the cGMP are in the blood stream. However, as soon as a man’s sexual excitement wears off, the body stops the production of nitric oxide and so the blood vessels go back to their normal sizes. This is the time when the penis goes back to its normal state. However, anything that can hinder this normal chain of reactions can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Normally, men do experience failure of erection at some point of their lives due to stress or other health problems. Eventually this will go away. However when the condition persists for a longer time then it becomes permanent and this is what we term now as erectile dysfunction or ED. So far there is no known permanent cure to ED, but there are certain medications today that will help you deal with the symptoms. These are what we term now as the PDE5 inhibitor drugs.

PDE5 inhibitor drugs work by blocking the PDE5 enzymes which breaks down the nitric oxide during the process. This will allow the normal chain of reactions to take place. As mentioned before, Avanafil is among the most popular PDE5 inhibitor present in the market today. In fact it is recognized as the latest ED drug in the pharmaceutical market and a lot of men are excited to switch into this amazing pill due to its benefits that no other ED pill can offer. If you are also excited to try this PDE5 inhibitor which is no other than Avanafil, you may ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist about the drug.